Randwick College Wiki
This page will provide some of the important enrolment information that you may need at the start and during your study with TAFE Randwick. Please check this area regularly as there will be updates when needed.

2014 Student Handbook

The Student Handbook provides heaps of info on your campus, your study,orientation - an A to Z of all the important stuff for you to know. The Handbook is now online for your convenience.
Click hereto read the Student Handbook online.


Interested in getting credit for your experience?
TAFE recognition of previous study might be able to help
The flash video below tells you how recognition works

Another recognition site that may be of interest is the Australian Government website:

Skills Recognition

This document is a short checklist that describes the steps needed for recognition of your previous study


Fees for TAFE courses are set by TAFE NSW

You can get details of the fees on the TAFE NSW website or in the summary in the Student Handbook (link above)
Some fees such as materials fees are course specific but you will be advised about these during enrolment


Call customer service on 02 9469 8519 or 02 9469 8719 or email si.randwickcollege@tafensw.edu.au if you have any enrolment related questions.

Internet Access

To get internet access at TAFE colleges you will be issued with a user account. This video gives a brief explanation.

Internet access is available in the Library, in classrooms as part of your study or in the Flexible Learning Centre on the ground floor of building A.


TAFE card has no expiry date and valid at any TAFE NSW College. If you have been issued with a TAFE card from your previous enrolment, you do not need to apply for a new one. You should have your TAFE card with you at all times when on the campus. If you lose your TAFE Card you will need to go to customer service for a replacement. You will need personal identification and there will be a fee of $20.

Travel Concession

If you are a full time student studying 20 or more hours per week you may be entitled to travel concessions on public transport.
Please enquire at customer service but make sure you bring your copy of your enrolment form or fee reciept if you enrolled online.

Change of Name or Address

If you have changed your name you must advise us as soon as possible, particularly if you want your new name on your TAFE certificate. You can get a new copy of a certificate but there is a fee for a replacement. You will need to visit customer service and bring evidence of your name change. If you have just changed your address, you can update your details online using student e-services

Replacement of TAFE Certificates

If you lose your TAFE Certificate it can be replaced. You will need to bring identification and pay a fee of $75. Ask at Customer Service for information on this service.

College Location

The College is located at the intersection of Darley Road and King Street Randwick.
More details, including transport links, can be found on the college website by clicking on this link Location Details

Other Services?

Please check also the Support Services page for information about other services that provide support while studying at Randwick.